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Patients with problems drinking or hooked on pain meds or kratom or heroin or fentanyl cannot simply just stop! We know it is not that simple. We help people with opiate or alcohol dependency and other addiction issues in a discreet location where your privacy is assured. We offer many other services in the same location, so it is no one’s business what we are helping you with.

If your goal is to get off pain meds, suboxone, or methadone- we will work with you to structure a plan to do so over weeks, months, or, if necessary, years. How we approach your solution will not be the same as the next person. You are unique. Sometimes, other therapeutic modalities to reduce pain and withdrawal symptoms are necessary to safely transition off of addictive meds or other substances.

Make the WISE Choice, and schedule an evaluation at Detox with Dignity. A service of WISE Medical Centers, LLC

Substance Use Disorders

Alcohol, heroin, Fentanyl, kratom – we can help! We can even help you get off…

Addicted & Pregnant

Addiction happens to good people. Addicted mothers do become pregnant.

Introducing Detox With Dignity

Detox with Dignity, a service of WISE Medical Centers, LLC, is a place where we can help with your efforts to deal with the difficulties associated with opiates and alcohol. Schedule a screening evaluation to learn about help with detox services, dose adjustment, tapering off of methadone or outpatient detox leading to maintenance addiction treatment (MAT), etc. [Learn More]

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Our mission is to provide effective recovery services tailored for individuals battling alcohol and addiction, upholding their dignity and supporting their journey towards healing and growth.

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